Solar energy investment new hot spot, China leads global renewable energy invest
2017-05-25 17:43:00

    In the global climate warming and environmental problems become increasingly serious today, no one country can stay out of this. The Chinese government's emphasis on renewable energy is evident in its positive response to the establishment of a national carbon emissions market and the development of relevant programme planning. According to Peng Boxin energy finance forecast, the global renewable energy investment in the next 25 years will be far more than fossil fuel power investment 2 trillion and 100 billion U. s.dollars, reaching 7 trillion and 800 billion U. s.dollars.
    Although the United States lags behind China in the race for global renewable energy market share, its implementation of energy policy remains to be learned. The Obama administration has been committed to the promotion of renewable energy and clean energy, through the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" provide a total investment of more than $90 billion for clean energy strategy, since 2008, the United States the use of solar energy costs have dropped 64%.
    The development of renewable energy is still facing many challenges, but it has become a new hot spot of investment. The world economic forum pointed out that in 2015, the investment in the renewable energy market in developing countries reached 156 billion US dollars, of which China invested 102 billion 900 million US dollars, India 10 billion 200 million US dollars, and Brazil 7 billion 100 million US dollars. In developed markets, Europe ranked first, in 2015 in renewable energy investment of about 48 billion 800 million U. s.dollars, the United States $44 billion 100 million, Japan $36 billion 200 million. In terms of technology, solar and wind power continue to be the areas of interest to investors because of their mature technology and effective business models